Day 5 in Bangkok. Don't miss McDonald's at Don Mueang Airport


This is a travelogue of my trip to Bangkok from November 21-26, 2017.
It's the last day of my trip to Bangkok. It's also the last post of my trip to Bangkok. I'm always full of regret when it's over after posting a travel post because it's been a storm. I'm posting the last post of my trip to Bangkok.


It's time to go to Korea

This is the Dewan Bangkok hotel. I've been to Bangkok twice and stayed at this hotel both times. I finally got around to posting my business card. Thank you, I'll miss you, take care!


All packed up. Wives and suitcases waiting for Ben. Ben always calls from the massage parlor right next to the Dewan Bangkok hotel.


Ben's here, en route to Don Mueang International Airport.


This is my wife doing self-check-in. I found self-check-in very easy.


I got my boarding pass, and my leather passport case from the Chatuchak market is very pretty!



Don Mueang International Airport McDonald's

The sparrow wouldn't miss the grist for the mill, so I stopped at the McDonald's in Don Mueang Airport. McDonald's before boarding the plane is the way to go!


I also bought a mask to wear on the plane. It's dry at high altitude, so the masks help, and my wife and I always wear them when we fly.


It's really time to leave for Korea. I don't know if any of you have read all of them, but if you have, I really appreciate it.

The next installment of my travel series is about my trip to the United States. It's about my honeymoon in May 2018, and it's quite long. I haven't organized the photos and dates yet, so I'll post them one by one after I get them organized. This will probably be my longest series on traveling abroad, so please be patient! I'll keep uploading posts on other topics.

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